Audion amplifiers are designed and built to deliver music as close as possible to the originally recorded versions. They are primarily musical making the recording come alive in front of you, they give spatiality, vibrancy and extremely fast and accurate renditions. Bass is tight and well controlled, top end, the same. By creating fluidity and fast transient responses, you hear subtleties in the music you never knew existed. We do this through our extensive research, with carefully selected and matched components from around the world. This has put us at the forefront of valve audio reproduction, delivering world class products for well over 30 years, that we know you will enjoy. We aim to make our equipment affordable, yet with comparable build quality and sound realisation to units costing many, many times more than ours.

Music is a very personal experience and by allowing as much musical data as possible to pass through our analogue amplifiers, the music you listen to, can transport you to a different place, through emotion and sensitivity.

We talk plain English without resorting to techno babble or distorted claims.

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