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Audio-Technica AT50ANV 50th Anniversary Limited Edition MC Cartridge

Audio-Technica AT50ANV 50th Anniversary Limited Edition MC Cartridge



Amazing limited edition cartridge – limited stock!

The new AT50ANV air-core MC type cartridge was developed as a 50th anniversary model for Audio-Technica Japan. Comparing to the previous model the new AT50ANV comes with magnetic core with coil winding frame as well as newly developed Titanium non-magnetic armature winding of the coil frame. As a result, a leaping improvement in sound quality and three-dimensional sound field in a very natural, transparent air-core way.

In addition, about eight times higher in the coil cross section (compared to Audio-Technica’s conventional units), still with the output voltage of 0.12mV MC-type air-core.

Newly designed magnetic circuit to maximize the magnetic energy.
Magnetic circuit is comparable to twice the volume ratio has a large size neodymium magnet.
Φ0.26 solid boron cantilever and the contact line of special needles. Stylus tip AT-OC9/III φ0.26 adhered to a solid boron cantilever embedded needle of 40μm × 7μm special line contact tip curvature radius was adopted, transmitted to the coil generating the music signal accurately read by the needle.
Unit employs Titanium-based shaving. Support the vibration system based on the magnetic circuit and are Titanium material is used for high precision machined and plays a role as a strong foundation to support the ability to regenerate stable.
Hybrid Body suppress unwanted parasitic resonances. The machined aluminum housing materials, materials for rigid plastic cover, and clear sound quality to disperse the parasitic resonances.
Adopt a hybrid Quattro lead wire. The lead wire clad Fri, 7N-OFC, PCOCC, which employs a wire lead well-balanced blend hybrid quattro OFC, for the pursuit of the ideal balance of the cartridge body.


  • Type: MC-type air-core
  • Playback frequency range: 15 ~ 50,000 Hz
  • Output voltage: 0.12mV (1kHz, 5cm/sec.)
  • Channel separation: 30dB (1kHz)
  • Output Balance: 0.5dB (1kHz)
  • Needle pressure: 1.6 ~ 2.0g (standard 1.8g)
  • Coil impedance: 11.5Ω (1kHz)
  • DC resistance: 11.5Ω
  • Load resistance: Than 100Ω (head amplifier when connecting)
  • Coil inductance: 7μH (1kHz)
  • Static compliance: 35 × 10-6cm/dyne
  • Dynamic compliance: 10 × 10-6cm/dyne (100Hz)
  • Needle shape: Special needle line contact
  • Cantilever: Solid boron φ0.26
  • Vertical tracking angle: 23 °
  • External dimensions: H17.3 × W17.0 × D25.6mm
  • Mass: 10.0g