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Design Build Listen The Wand Plus Series 2 10.3″

Design Build Listen The Wand Plus Series 2 10.3″

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The Wand+ is a unique uni-pivot tonearm with a carbon fibre arm tube and beautifully machined counterweight.

It has achieved a 5 star rating in HiFi World (UK), HiFi Choice(UK) and Witchdoctor (NZ).

Wand+ Tonearm Features

  • Big diameter (22mm) carbon-fibre tube is 4x stiffer than a normal diameter arm.
  • Ergonomic cueing via tip of arm or damped cueing mechanism.
  • Careful termination of arm vibrations with extra damping.
  • Medium effective mass 14g for 10.3in, suits most cartridges.
  • Ease of installation enabling 90% of the performance to be achieved quickly, first time.
  • Drop in replacement for Rega geometry arms (~240mm). SME, Technics, Linn & Lenco mount options.
  • Fitted with Eichmann/ETI plugs and Cardas wire in a single unbroken run.
  • Thread/weight type antiskate.
  • The 10.3in arm features a ~20% reduction in distortion over 9in arms.
  • Standard Baerwald alignment (with consideration given to real world inner groove dimensions).
Differences over the Classic Wand Tonearm
  • Dampened cuing mechanism
  • Improved arm mounting

Stylus to Pivot

  • 10.3in arm: 262mm

Pivot to Spindle

  • 10.3in arm: 246mm