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Gold Note B-5.1 Tonearm

Gold Note B-5.1 Tonearm


This high-precision tonearm combined with almost any cartridge will bring to life the most natural and detailed music. Made of extra high-quality Aluminium 6000, B-5.1 is our standard tonearm already pre-installed on Gold Note Mediterraneo, Pianosa and Giglio turntables.


B-5.1 is an elegant high-performance tonearm completely designed and handmade in Italy with the greatest attention to details to achieve maximum precision and to deliver the truly best sonic results.

The B-5.1 is powered by high-precision micro ball-bearings made in Germany by GRW – exclusively manufactured for Gold Note – singularly sealed and packed to preserve their perfect integrity.

The B-5.1’s effective length of 242mm with a 19mm overhang makes it easy to install on any turntable.
The tonearm features a double counterweight for perfect set up adjustment for virtually all phono cartridges. Optionally, extra weights are available to handle phono cartridges of higher mass.

The B-5.1 ultra precisely engineered tonearm will bring to life your favorite music getting natural, extra detailed and refined audio performances.


Typology 9″ Ball Bearing Tonearm
Overhang 19mm
Offset 24°
Arm Wand Straight aluminium 6000 alloy
Inserting Plinth Shaft 23mm
Dynamic effective mass 10g
VTF 0.186N (19g)
VTA Adjustable on collar
Lift Hydraulic
Anti-skating Wire 5 position
Azimuth Adjustable on the headshell
Internal Cables AWG36 Hyper Litz shielded 99,99% OFC
External Cables Supplied 1,5m custom 4 pole DIN/RCA
Dimensions Effective length: 242 mm
Weight 195g (without counterweight)
Finishes Shell and Pivot: Black anodized Aluminium
Arm Wand: Black anodized Aluminium
Counterweight: Stainless Steel
Hydraulic Lift Board: Black
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