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Zu Audio Mission Speaker Cable Mk.II 2.5m

Zu Audio Mission Speaker Cable Mk.II 2.5m


2.5m Length

Zu Mission Loudspeaker Cable (LC) Mk.II builds upon the great balance of tone and detail of its predecessor [Mk.I] by significantly increasing immunity to electromagnetic interference and static. This is accomplished through the addition of state-of-the-art nano engineered high conductance carbon shielding.



Mission LC Mk.II performs, has a very supple hand and is built to last several lifetimes. With Mission LC’s increased immunity to RF and static the user will experience improved resolution and overall system ease.

Mission LC has excellent resolution and has a tone center right smack in the middle of the music weighted power spectrum. While it performs well on the extremes, it never looses its rock-solid performance in the meat of the music. Mission LC is agile and dynamic but will not highlight or emphasis problems in recordings, your room, or playback rig.

Engineered from the ground up and manufactured in-house, Mission LC Mk.II will give the listener better sound through improved management and integration of conductor, insulation, cabling, shielding, connector, and termination, resulting in a cable assembly that not only improves the sound of the system but feels good to the primitive brain.

Mission LC are built on a signal and power transmission technology originating with Nikola Tesla, an electrodynamics format that allowed for very wide bandwidth and large power transmission. Within the cable’s E&M model, we combine pure U.S. refined and drawn copper with U.S. extruded insulation.


Price is for a matched pair (one left/one right). Please let us know connector needs with your order. Singles are simply half price.