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Zu Definition Mk.III Pair (Second Hand)

Zu Definition Mk.III Pair (Second Hand)

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The units in question are a second hand pair of loudspeakers, and photographs of the exact units are displayed. Scratches and marks do appear on the units. Please consult images carefully.


Adjustable Features:

Gain: -110 dB ~ 0 dB

High Pass Filter: 20~120Hz
HPF Slope & Character: 18 dB/octave linkwitz-riley

PEQ Boost: 0~+6 dB
PEQ Boost Bandwith: 1/2 octave

PEQ Frequency: 20-50 Hz

Phase: 0 °~180 ° / 180 °~360 °


Dimensions H x W x D: 124.5 x 32.5 x 31.8 cm // Footprint: 32.4 cm2
Weight: 59kg approx

Bandwidth: 16~25 kHz
Efficiency: 101 db SPL @ 1W, 1m
Impedance: 8 Ω, nominal full bandwidth
Group Delay: < 5 ms

Acoustic Centre: 94 cm; adjustable via footers and subtle canting of loudspeaker system
Horizontal Listening Window: 45 °
Vertical Listening Window: 15 °
Recommended Listening Distance: 2.5 m  or more

Power Recommendations:

  • 1~4 watt (average room, moderate volume)
  • 4~16 watt (large room, loud listening)
  • 16~65 watt (large room, concert levels)
  • 500 watt (maximum input power)

Amplification Considerations: Bridged amplifiers are not recommend.

Component Tolerance:

  • drivers 0.05% pair matching
  • 0.01% on electrical components

Tweeter: Zu / Eminence APT Tweeter / bandwidth: 10k~20kHz
High Pass: 1st order 2x Mundorf Silver/Oil 1uF each, 2uF total
Full range Driver Array: 2x Zu103/ND/G1-16 nanotech full-range driver / bandwidth: 30~12kHz
Subwoofer Amp: Volume / Low-pass Filter Knee / Parametric EQ Gain / Parametric EQ Frequency / Phase

Subwoofer Amplifier: Built-in subwoofer audio amplifier
Subwoofer Amplifier Type: Class D analog switching amplifier. Hypex DS4 UcD 400-V5.

Power Consumption: 600 watt maximum / 8 watt idle
Mains Input: 230V 50Hz
Mains Input Connector: IEC 60320 C13/C14


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