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Music. It's all we do.

PS Audio manufacture a comprehensive range of HiFi components, all the way from DACs to Preamplifiers, Power Amplifiers, Integrated amplifiers, Phono Stages, Power Regenerators, and now speakers too. Not only do they cover all bases, but they win countless awards in all categories. From the critically acclaimed DirectStream DAC, and it’s continual free software updates, to their impressive class leading Power Regenerators which will benefit any HiFi system. 

It’s rare to find an audio manufacturer who cares as much as PS Audio.  Their CEO Paul McGowan is well known for his weekly YouTube videos and regular blog posts – free information for anyone who is curious to learn more about HiFi and music in general. They really do care for their community; hosting a thriving public website forum where users can share ideas and their passion for HiFi, not just about PS Audio products, but audio and music in general. I have seen Paul emailing customers directly (late at night) on numerous occasions, which is unlike how we think of most CEOs.

Hand-crafted, high-end home music reproduction systems designed, engineered and built by people that care: about lifestyle, music, the environment, quality, fairness and the trust we’ve earned over the last 40 years.

PS Audio Stellar M700 Mono Amplifier (Monoblock Pair) Silver Stack amplifiers

Stellar Series

We all deserve to listen to the music we love in pristine quality. The Stellar Series uses innovative design to make audio bliss attainable for those who seek it.

Product Highlight

Stellar Phono Preamplifier

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PerfectWave Series

The PerfectWave series is the truest expression of our sonic vision. It’s equal parts power and sophistication with an unwavering focus on performance.

Power Regenerators

Improve any system with power regeneration. Unlike power conditioners these world class products provide perfect AC power by regenerating the power from scratch. A sophisticated DC to AC conversion process provides ultra low distortion power at the specified voltage, with ultra low impedance and limited DC filtering.


Spares and extras to complete your PS Audio HiFi components.

PS Audio Dectet Power Center Sample

Used / Trade-Ins with Warranty

Buy used products with confidence, with our minimum 90 days warranty on used items. Used products with longer warranties will be marked on the product listing.

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