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Zu Audio Event USB Cable Mk.II

Zu Audio Event USB Cable Mk.II

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Event-USB is designed to give the highest possible performance while keeping the USB cable flexible, reliable and consistent in performance regardless of the RF environment it may operate in, and to allow the user to experiment with secondary bus power independently of the USB signal pair, or remove from signal completely if the DC voltage buss is not required by the digital to analog converter.

There was no target price set when developing the Event-USB, it was assumed  it was a cost-no-object endeavor within the realm of commercial sensibility.

  • Significant system performance improvement, for a USB cable and compared against others (your job to decide and judge, we offer a no-hassle full money-back 60-day trial).
  • Discrete power/signal cables on source allow user experimentation with alternate power sources.
  • Or bypass of power altogether if the connected DAC does not require bus power.
  • Single receiver connector (think Y-cable) so there is no issues with DACs that need to see bus power or for those that need single-source ground.
  • Not insanely expensive—high value when carefully considered.
  • Flexible, reliable, consistent.
  • Signal and bus power are physically and electrically separate and fully shielded, terminating into a single receiver-side connector (USB-B). This allows data to be transmitted without incursion of external noise and keeps noise and inductance of the bus feed from coupling to the signal pair that is typical within a single cable format.
  • Signal pair features precise impedance, pure silver solid core conductors, clear Teflon (PTFE) insulation and high magnitude 98% coverage shielding. These features result in a signal cable that is very wide in bandwidth, with very high signal propagation velocity with minimum group delay, that is free from deleterious effects of noise. And yeah, it’s also reliable despite it being a solid-core construction. Real results give a listener increased transparency in their playback system yielding more intelligibility of complex tones and music over other cables with less advanced engineering.
  • Power cable is designed to well exceed the possible current capacity.
  • Connectors and termination are epoxy potted and strain relieved for decades of consistent service.
  • Connector bodies are machined from 6061, hard anodized and engraved—because it’s cool.
  • Cables are nylon sheathed for high durability and a good feel.

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